Revival or Ruin Ministries

Revival or Ruin Ministries Bro. Barry Carpenter

Barry has served since his conversion in 2000 in various capacities (including missionary, training pastors in foreign lands, and as a pastor).
Barry was the former the pastor of Friendship North Baptist Church in Detroit, Alabama and is the founder and director of Revival or Ruin. ROR original focused was on evangelist outreach the southeast (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee), as well as international missions. ROR works with like-minded groups and individuals to spread the Gospel message. The ministry has been involved in helping pastors in Central America until 2008. Barry is currently residing in the Philippines where he trains pastors, missionaries and church planter. He is the director and dean of Bible Expositors Seminary.
Barry is a seminary graduate (Master of Divinity Degree and Doctor of Theology Degree, with an emphasis on Pastoral Theology).


Missions Update 08/11/16


Relief to Churches in Lyete affected by Typhoon Yolanda