Prayer List

Prayer Concerns

Adelle – Linda Cook’s aunt
Austin Foster – motorcycle wreck recovery
Betty Thurman – returned cancer (Kim & Karen’s aunt)
Darlene Daughtry – chemo complications (Gail Strain’s coworker’s mom)
Davis & Eleanora Tate
Donald Graef -cancer
Eva Williams
Jane, Eric, & Jeff Hall
Jeff Goostree – foot problems
Judy Searcy
Kathy Taylor – colon cancer
Kelly Monfette – beginning chemo (friend of Kim Brickles & Karen Muchewicz)
Maddox – Linda Cook’s grandson
Maggie Puccini — returned cancer (friend of the Clevelands)
Melissa – M.S. (Samantha Beck’s aunt)
Roger Robertson – bone cancer
Sam Myles
September Haliburton — car wreck recovery (Jessica Thoms’ friend)
Sheila Leach – cancer (ERHS)
Tony Porter – back injury (Kim Brickles & Karen Muchewicz’s father)
Vicki Moore – stomach cancer (Darlene Cleveland’s friend)
Wayne Bigbee

Lost family members
New believers & members
Our country & its leaders
Local law enforcement & military

Home Bound Members – Pearl Baldridge and Don Murphy


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