We currently hold to the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.

Core Values/Distinctive

  • Glory of God Focused
  • Christ Centered
  • Bible Saturated
  • Expository Bible Preaching Pulpit
  • Biblical Worship
  • Biblical Conversion
  • Biblical Evangelism
  • Congregational Government
  • Deacon Service to the Body of PHBC
  • Every Member Ministry
  • Church Restoration (Discipline)
  • Financial Stewardship

Time of Response
At Pleasant Hill Baptist Church we do not have a traditional invitation. We believe that God, through the preaching of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit, convinces a person of their  own sin and that Christ is the only way to be saved. Therefore, we do not try to push or pressure anyone to make a “decision” for salvation is more that a mere human decision (John 1:11-13). We believe that salvation is of the Lord (Jonah 2:9) wrought by the Holy Spirit of God (John 3:3-8) and that those the Father draws will come to come to Him (John 6:44) through repentance and faith (Acts 20:21).

So, if after the service you are concerned over the condition of your soul and need guidance or would like to acknowledge what the Lord has done in your heart, simply ask someone to point you to one of our deacons or pastor. He would love to share the truths of scripture with you and to celebrate God’s work in your life!

Church Organization
At a meeting begun and on the third Lord’s Day in August, 1849 at Pleasant Hill, Robertson County, Tennessee:

For the purpose of continuing  a Baptist church, Elders O.H. Morrow, B. Roberts, W.I. Morton and Deacons Borthick and Milliken being present for the purpose aforesaid, formed themselves into Presbytery and chose Elders O.H. Morrow, Moderator and W.T. Morton, clerk, and upon examinations of the members who proposed going into said constitution whose names are inserted below upon their standing as church members and the said Presbytery and ordained constituted them into a church state under the name and title of the Baptist church at Pleasant Hill Tennessee upon the profession of faith as published by the Behtel Association in their minutes in the year of 1849 which they adopted. To wit, the whole was constituted by Bro. Roberts giving to the church the right hand of fellowship and Elder Morrow speaking.

And so it was, that the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Orlinda, Tennessee was begun. PHBC is still persevering and by God’s grace the Lord will keep His church until the end!